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Customized photo album. Original photo albums. Traditional photo albums

All of our albums are designed and handmade in our workshop in Ubrique, Spain. 

PicPicLab is committed to each client. Each original photo album is individually handmade and tailored. We take great care of each album. We control all the process and therefore we can ensure the quality of the whole procedure from the reception of the order, through the design, the materials selection, the seams, production, whether you want it engraved, the details, the packaging and the shipping, until you receive it.

You’ll be able to customize each of our personalized albums however you want. Whether you want to add a name, a date, a phrase or an image on the cover as well as a phrase or name on the spine. You’ll be surprised by the variety of albums from which you can choose since there are many different designs and materials. Discover the wooden cover albums and the hot stamped ones or if you prefer we also have engraved albums and others with natural leather.

Where to buy photo albums?

Many people wonder where they can buy photo albums. The answer is PicPicLab. Discover all of the different photo albums we have. You can view our catalogue with our different design, materials and personalization options. All of our albums are custom-made. You can add a name, a date or even a photo to the cover. Some of our albums also have the option of adding text to the spine of the album. 

Photo albums for babies. Photo albums for children.

Our albums are perfect for any occasion whether it is a wedding, a trip or to look back on that surprise birthday party where you had an incredible time. This is the perfect gift to store the memories of your first baby, your child’s birthday, their first communion, the family trips, the dress up parties or Christmas holidays...

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