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Cookie policy

The Company RISBOX, informs you that this website, like most Internet websites, uses cookies to carry our certain functions which are considered essential for the correct functioning and visualization of the website. The aim is to improve and optimize the user experience when visiting the website.

The second section of the 22 article of the Law 34/2002 of the 11 of July, of the “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y del Comercio Electrónico” (hereafter LSSICE) establishes that the users must be provided with clear and complete information about the use of the storage devices and of data recovery, specifically about the aim of data treatment, as disposed in the Ley Organica 15/1999 of the 13th of December, of Protección de Datos of personal character (from now on, LOPD). In compliance with this regulation, RISBOX makes available to the website users the present Cookie Privacy Policy, where the user can find information about what cookies are, typology, aims and functioning, what type of cookies RISBOX uses, as well as the steps necessary to modify or disable / enable the use of cookies.


Cookies are files or devices which are downloaded on the user’s PC or other devices with the objective of storing data which could be used and recovered by the entity responsible of their installation. A cookie is a small text fragment which websites send to the browser and which are stored in the user’s terminal. These terminals could be a personal computer, a mobile phone, a Tablet etc.

These files allow the website to remember information about your visit like for example language and your preferred options. This can improve your next visit to the website and make the site more useful as it personalizes its content. Cookies carry out a very important role, as it improves the user’s browsing experience.

Cookies are only associated to an anonymous user and its computer or device. They don’t provide any reference which allow personal data to be revealed. You will be able, at all times, to access the settings of your browser to modify and / or block the cookies installation send by the RISBOX website, without this preventing you from accessing the content. However, the quality of the proper functioning of the service might be affected.

Furthermore, RISBOX is not the title holder of other websites which can be accessed through the use of links or hyperlinks. Therefore, the user will access these contents and their terms and conditions under their own responsibility.

Why are cookies important?

• From a technical point of view, they allow websites to work more agile and adapt to the preferences of the user. For example, storing the language, the currency of the country or detecting the access device.

• They establish security and protection levels which prevent or complicate cyber attacks against the website and its users.

• They allow the managers to know statistical data gathered in the cookies to improve the quality and experience of the service.

• The are also useful to optimize the advertisements that we show our users, providing that which best suits their interests.

What happens if you disable the cookies?

If you disable the cookies in your browser, some of the services and functions of the website might not be available.


a) Depending on the entity who manages the device or domain from which the cookies are sent and treat the obtained data, we can distinguish:

- First party cookies: These are the ones which are sent to the terminal of the user from a device or domain managed by the own editor and from which the service required by the user is provided.

- Third party cookies: These are the ones which are sent to the terminal of the user from a device or domain which are not being managed by the editor but by another entity who treats the obtained data through the cookies.

- If the cookies are installed from a device or a domain managed by the editor but the information which is being collected through them is managed by a third party, they cannot be considered first party cookies.

b) Depending on the length of time in which they remain activated in the device/ terminal we can distinguish:

– Session cookies: They are a type of cookie designed to gather and store data while the user is accessing a web page.

– Persistent cookies: They are a type of cookie in which the data is still stored and can be accessed and treated for a period of time determined by the person responsible of the cookie and which can vary from a couple of minutes to several years.

c) Depending on the purpose for which the obtained data is being handled there is another classification with five different types of cookies: technical cookies, personalization cookies, analysis cookies, advertising cookies and behavioral advertising cookies:

– CTechnical cookies: These cookies allow the user to navigate through a web page or an App and use the different options and services which they offer. For example, data communication, identify the session, access the restricted area of the web page, traffic control, remember the elements integrated in a previous order, complete a registration o participation in an event, use security elements during the navigation of the web page and store content for video and audio dissemination.

– Personalization cookies: These cookies allow the user to access the service with some predefined general characteristics at their terminal or that the user himself defines. For example, language, the type of browser from which the user wants to access the service, the design of the selected content, geolocation of the terminal and the regional configuration from which the service is accessed.

– Statistical analysis cookies: These cookies allow monitoring and analysis of the users’ behavior on websites. The information gathered through these type of cookies is used when measuring the activity on websites, Apps or platforms and to create navigation profiles of the users in these sites. The aim is to improve the service according to the data of usage created by the users.

– Advertising cookies: These cookies allow an effective management of the advertising spaces which have been included in the website or App from which the service is provided. They allow a proper tailoring of the advertising content so that it is relevant to the user and to prevent the user from seeing adverts he has already seen.

- Behavioral advertising cookies: These cookies allow the storage of information about the navigation of the users through a same session of navigation, presenting adverts directly related to their interests and previous searches on other websites.


This website uses both first party cookies and third party cookies to provide a better experience and service. These cookies can be of session or persistent and their aim is to analyze and measure the navigation on the web page. They gather information about how our users use our website. These cookies only register the IP address of the user and never personal information, like an email address. Furthermore, information included in the hard drive will never be extracted using cookies.


The serves of the website can automatically detect the IP address and the name of domain used by the user. An IP address is a number assigned automatically to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is registered in an activity file of the server, correctly registered which allows the later data processing. The aim is to obtain only statistical measurements, which allow the recognition of the number of printed pages, the number of visits made to the web services, the order of those visits, the access point etc.

RISBOX makes available to the user, on the website, the option to “Accept” the use of cookies or the option to deny the use of cookies through the option “Reject”.

ACCEPT: Once the cookies have been accepted, the message of “use of cookies” will never appear on the web page again. Therefore, if the user wished to revoke the consent, they must proceed to erase or block the cookies selecting this option on the browser. (Information provided in section 4 on the Cookies Policy).

REGRET: If the user doesn’t accept the cookies, the message of “use of cookies” will also no longer appear on the web page. In this case, RISBOX will not be responsible of the correct functioning of the installed tool to control the rejection of the cookies. Meaning that RISBOX is not responsible that the option of “Reject” leads to the direct disabling of the cookies used by the web page. Therefore, the user is recommended to eliminate or block the cookies through selecting this option on the browser. (Information provided in section 4 on the Cookie Policy). Once the cookies have been erased, if the user wishes to enable them, they must follow a series of instructions which will vary depending on the browser used (information provided in section 5 of the Cookie Policy).

The use or navigation of our services without the user having accepted or rejected the use of cookies through the options enabled specifically for this purpose on the web page or the omission of the user to erase or block the cookies through selecting the corresponding option on the browser implies the tacit acceptance of the use we make of cookies.

Below, RISBOX offers detailed information of the cookies used in our website:

Service: Facebook
Aim: Gather navigation data anonymously with the aim of offering on Facebook, advertising content of RISBOX. Facebook privacy policy.
Type: Advertising cookies.

Service: GoogleAdwords
Aim: This website uses a Google AdWords cookie. The cookie is added to the user’s device when the user sees an ad and clicks on it. This cookie lasts 30 days. This action and the fact that Google uses different servers protects the user’s privacy. We use conversation monitoring of Google AdWords. The conversation monitoring is a free tool which indicates what a client does after they click on an ad, whether they have bought the product or they have subscribed to their newsletter. These cookies expire within 30 days and they have no information which could identify you personally.
Type: Advertising cookies

Name: PREF, id, _drt_, FLC, NID, SID, exchange_uid, __gads, DSID, AID, TAID y exchange_uid, __gac.
Service: GoogleAdwords Remarketing
Aim: This website uses the remaking tool of Google AdWords. This tool allows ads to be published in the content net of Google based on previous visits of the users to the website. To achieve this, some of the pages of this website include a remarketing tag code which configures the cookies to determine which type of ad will be shown to the user according to the navigation the user has done on the website. The remarketing lists are stored in a data base of the Google servers where the IDs of the cookies associated to each list or category of interest are stored. As to remarketing, the user can disable the use of cookies of Google visiting the disabling advertising Google page.
The users who do not wish to participate in the tracking activities can only block these cookies by blocking them on the preferences of their browser.
Type: Advertising cookies.

Name: _utmb_utmc
Service: GoogleAnalytics
Aim: These two cookies are used to calculate when a session has ended. B registers the time of entry to the page while C checks if the same session should be opened or if a new session should be created.
Utmb expires 30 minutes after the last registration of the page viewed, whilst utmc is a variable of session. Therefore, it is automatically erased when the web is changed or the browser closed.
Type: Session and statistical analysis cookies

Name:  _utma
Service: GoogleAnalytics
Aim: These cookies generate a unique user ID. This is used to monitor how many times a user visits a site. It also registers the first and last time the site was visited.
Type:Persistent and statistical analysis cookies

Name: _utmz
Service: GoogleAnalytics
Aim: This cookie is the one in charge of registering the origin of the user. This cookie stores the origin of the visitor and the path followed to access the web, whether it was a direct access, from a link of another web or from a link of an email. This cookie expires in 6 months
Type:Persistent cookies


The user can block, allow or erase cookies which are installed in the user’s computer according to the configuration and the browser options which the user has installed on their device.
All the modern browsers allow the user to change the cookies settings. These options are usually found under “options” or “preferences” within the browser menu.

RISBOX offers the user orientation about the steps necessary to access the settings menu of the cookies and if needed of the private navigation in each of the main browsers:

• Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options ->Privacy -> Settings More information at:

More information at:

• Firefox: Tools->Options->Privacy->History->Personalized settings.

More information at:

• Chrome: Settings-> Advanced Settings->Privacy-> Content settings

More information:

• Safari: Preferences-> Privacy ->Block cookies. On you iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, go to Settings, select Safari y go to the cookies section.

Más información en:


Erasing cookies can lead to a reduced quality of the functioning of the services offered by the website. RISBOX offers the user orientation about the steps to follow in each of the main browsers if once the cookies have been deleted the user wishes to enable them again to improve their experience.

Internet Explorer:

1. Click Start > Control panel > Internet options >Privacy > Advanced options.
2. In the window of “Advanced privacy configuration” select the option “disable the automatic administration of cookies” or “Overwrite the automatic administration of cookies” (Internet Explorer 6)
3. In the section “Cookies of origin” select the option “Accept” or the option “Question”.
4. In the section “Third party Cookies”, select the option “Accept” or the option “Question”. Note: If you select the option “Question”, you will be asked to click “Accept” every time a web page wished to send you a cookie.
5. EIn the window “Internet Options” select the option “Accept” to leave the dialog box.


1. Click Tools->Options->Privacy
2. In the option “Firefox” select “ use a personalized setting for
3. Select the box next to Accept cookies of the Web to enable cookies or make sure that the box isn’t selected to disable the cookies and click Accept.


1. Access the Safari dropdown menu > Preferences >Security
2. In the section “Accept cookies” select the option “Only of the places where I navigate”.

Google Chrome:

1. Click the Tools menu> Advanced options >Privacy
2. Click the content settings.
3. To enable first and third party cookies make sure that the option “allow local data to be established” is selected. In a specific web page, the first party cookies are the ones which enable the domain of the site which is indicated in the address bar. The third party cookies come from other sources of domain which include elements such as ads or images inserted in the web page. If you only wish to accept first party cookies, click on the box “block all third party cookies without exception”.


RISBOX can modify the present cookie policy according to regulation or legal requirements or with the aim of adapting this policy to fulfill the obligations specified by the “Agencia Española de Protección de Datos”. Therefore, we recommend users to visit it regularly with the objective of being correctly informed about how and why we use cookies.

Policy written up by Mogue Abogandos