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We all collect, store and store representing what we are, our essence.

Because collecting is part of what we have been and therefore what we are today.

Because in moments where technology, the ephemeral and the instantaneous prevail in our daily lives, it is essential to stop, remember, taste and savor our memories, the moments and things that each one chooses to be and have .

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We collect MOMENTS! We save sensations and store them in our little albums. This way we have the certainty that our emotions will be immortalized.

Our manifesto is addressed to all collectors:

  • To travel collectors, tireless adventurers.

  • To kiss collectors, they make us feel alive.
  • To souvenir collectors, they are forever.
  • To smile collectors, heaven has won.
  • To spring collectors, life fills us with flowers.
  • To the color collectors, without them we would be blind.
  • To dream collectors, born fighters.
  • To sunset collectors, they show us the magic of life.
  • To blemish collectors, they make us see perfection.
  • To unicorn collectors, they show us that anything is possible.
  • For collectors of beautiful moments, they take life very seriously.